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How Many Calories Does Swimming Laps Burn?

Swimming is not just a child’s summer fun activity. It is great exercise as well. Swimming is great for your heart and building muscle tone. It is also a great tool for weight loss.
How exercise burns calories
The rate at which your body burns calories for energy is known as your metabolism. When you exercise, your metabolism goes up. How much effect this has and how long it lasts depends on a variety of factors including your gender, body composition, and the activity you are performing.
“A 150-pound person will burn roughly 400 calories during an hour-long swim at a moderate pace and 700 at a vigorous one,” says Tom Holland (an exercise physiologist, triathlete, and founder of Team Holland). These numbers do not hold true for everyone. Holland says that the number of calories you burn when you swim depends on factors that include duration, intensity, swim stroke, weight, and swimming efficiency.
How to start
Start with 10 to 30-minute swims, 1 to 3 times per week. Then add 5 minutes to your swim each week. You will want to switch up your strokes to exercise more muscles.
What stroke burns the most calories?
You burn more calories when you swim faster and cover more distance. The fastest swim stroke—the freestyle stroke—has the potential to burn the most calories. But that does not mean you should opt for the freestyle every time you get into the pool.
The number of calories you burn comes down to duration and frequency. If you prefer the breaststroke to the freestyle stroke, you might swim longer. You might also be more consistent and burn more calories. Let us be your Frisco / McKinney Pool Service!