A pool in winter with a snow man in front
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McKinney Pool Winterization

For our customers in the McKinney Texas area, winter pool maintenance is crucial.

Texas weather is typically warm enough to keep your pool open in the winter season, here’s some tips if you choose that route.

Running the Pool Pump

Circulation is important if you keep your McKinney TX pool open. Let the pump run as long as it takes for the water to cycle through the system.


If debris is an issue in your pool, you may need to run the pump longer and possibly skim in order to keep big material out.


Outside temperature will affect how long you run your pump. At temps above 65, you need longer daily operation. And, at temps below 35, run the pump for 24 hours to prevent freezing.

Winter Pool Chemistry

Even though no one is using the pool, it’s still important to test the water with test strips or test kits, to find out what you need to add to the pool – primarily chemicals to adjust the pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness levels.

Winter Freeze Alerts

When temperatures drop below freezing, your pump needs to be running. To stay on top of these things, consider a system to notify you of freezing temperatures.

Winterizing a McKinney Pool

If you are unable or unwilling to maintain the pool, you may be better off closing the pool, so you don’t have to worry about it.

There are several things you can do – no matter whether the weather allows you to keep the pool open – that can keep your water and pool healthy and clean!