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McKinney TX Saltwater Pool Maintenance

What is a saltwater pool? If the name has you imagining a pool filled with ocean water, you’re certainly not alone. However, a saltwater inground pool is not the same thing as taking a dip in the ocean at the Isle of Palms; the name actually comes from the type of equipment that the pool uses to keep the water clean and sanitized. Rather than adding chlorine to your pool to keep the water chlorinated, you pour in simple table salt directly into your pool, stir it up a bit and the salt chlorine generator will then convert it to chlorine.
If you still have the taste of salty ocean water flashing through your mind, not to worry. Saltwater pools use a concentration of salt that is much lower than that of ocean water. Indeed, if you can taste the salt at all, it will be mild, almost saline-like. Whereas the ocean has salt levels of around 35,000 parts per million, saltwater pools typically have 3,000-4,000. Let us be your Frisco / McKinney Pool Service!