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Tips from Allied Aquatics Eco-Friendly Pool Cleaning Service in McKinney TX

Summer fun in your backyard pool can occur at the expense of the environment. Using harsh chemicals to clean your pool is just one of the ways you may be harming the environment – and jeopardizing your health- without knowing it. Make your pool Eco-safe by implementing the following tips.

Use Eco-Friendly Pool Cleaners

Chlorine is the most-used pool cleaner, even though it’s been shown to expose swimmers to toxins. A study conducted in Spain1 showed swimmers had chemicals called haloacetic acids (HAAs) in their systems just half-an-hour after leaving the pool. While the long-term effects haven’t been studied yet, it’s probably a good idea to look into alternative methods for keeping pool water clean. Use a chlorine test kit to determine if your pool has a harmful amount of chlorine (or ask your pool cleaning service to test the water for you). Bromine is an acceptable substitute for people who are allergic to chlorine, but it comes from the same family of chemicals as chlorine.

Eco-friendly pool cleaners include ionizers, ozonators and PHMB. An ionizer is a device that uses two different metals, usually copper and silver entering the water as a sanitizer. It doesn’t have an oxidizer, so you’ll need to use a small amount of bromide or chlorine to handle that. An ionizer won’t harm swimmers’ noses or eyes. An ozonator releases ozone gas into the water to eliminate impurities. You’ll need to attach this machine to the pool’s filtration plumbing line.

PHMB is a chemical compound that works by disinfecting bacteria walls, causing them to burst. Unlike chlorine, PHMB won’t oxidize, so you have to use hydrogen peroxide, a separate algaecide and clean your pool filter every four to six weeks.

Other Ways to Keep Your Pool Eco-Friendly

Use a solar insulating cover to attract heat from the sun to pool water. If your budget allows it, install solar panels to keep your pool heated the natural way all from spring to early fall (or whenever you shut your pool down for the year).

Don’t waste water! Keep splashing to a minimum to preserve water. Pools may also lose water due to backwashing and evaporation. Prevent these problems by using cartridge filters instead of a sand filter, checking for pool leaks, and select a sturdy pool cover to stop evaporation.

Allied Aquatics Pool Service and Repair offers eco-friendly pool cleaning solutions. Ask us about automatic pool cleaners, green cleaning solutions, and regular maintenance service. We’ll keep your pool sparkling without using harsh chemicals that compromise the environment or your health. Call us today at 972-439-9034 for more information. Let us be your Frisco / McKinney Pool Service!

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