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Understanding the CDC Warnings Concerning Waterborne Illnesses

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention issued a report with some concerning figures about cryptosporidium. There have been yearly increases in crypto outbreaks from 2009-2017. About 13 percent increase each year. Crypto is a parasite found in swimming pools that causes intense intestinal issues. The illness can be worse for the young, old or anyone with a weak immune system.
Crypto is so bad it can survive in properly maintained pools. Chlorine is in pools to keep them clean and safe, but crypto can stick around even in chlorinated water. Per the CDC, swallowing even the smallest amount of infected water can make you sick.
How can it be prevented?
1) Do not go into the pool if you are not feeling well. You do not want any other bacteria in the pool.
2) Do not swallow the water in the pool. It is easy to swallow pool water. A lot of times we do it without knowing, and kids are the most susceptible. Always pay attention and teach kids to not swallow pool water.
3) Always rinse off before you swim. Everything on your body enters the pool with you.
How can pool care be more proactive?
4) Use secondary and supplemental sanitizers. Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) is the most powerful sanitizer on the market.
Using an advanced sanitizer with a residual sanitizer is an Important part of keeping you pool safe. This report is concerning, but you can keep your pool safe from crypto. All pools can stay safe with advanced sanitizers. Let us be your Frisco / McKinney Pool Service!