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When Do I Need to Replace My McKinney TX Pool Liner?

Usually when it starts leaking or wrinkling. Also, if your water level drops very quickly in your pool, it could mean a leak. Check the liner around the skimmers, cleaner line, lights, and steps and in the corners for any tears or separations. A change in a pool liner’s texture also indicates you should replace it. Pool liners become very brittle around five to seven years after they’re installed. They’re usually very elastic in the first five years. Pool liners fade in color over time, which is another indication you may need to replace them.

When should I replace a pool liner? Pool liners last anywhere from five to 12 years, depending on which type you use. Most homeowners can choose between three types of vinyl pool liners: 20-mil, 27-mil, and 28-mil. Mil refers to the liner’s level of thickness. The thicker the liner, the longer it will last. 20-mil liners will last seven to 10 years, while 27-mil and 28-mil liners may last nine to 12 years. Replacing your pool liner every five to seven years will keep your pool looking brand new. Let us be your Frisco / McKinney Pool Service!