Pool Maintenance Made Easy: 3 Tips to Maintain Your Backyard Oasis

You most likely understand the benefits of your pool, but having a backyard oasis requires effort from both you and your pool maintenance company. Considering a pool is a large investment, proper cleaning and repairs are essential to maintaining your investment. For some, this maintenance can be overwhelming. Use these 3 tips with your pool maintenance company service to ensure your oasis remains clean, attractive, and valuable.

Preventative Care

Preventing heavy buildup of dirt, debris, and algae requires ongoing maintenance. If debris is not removed from the water’s surface it will sink deep into your water, leading to algae growth and affecting your water quality. To ensure your pool is equipped for ongoing care, make sure to store water skimmers near your pool.

The net on your skimmer is able to catch leaves, grass, pine straw, and other debris before it affects the water and other parts of your pool. Every other day, use the skimmer tool to remove large debris from the water’s surface.

Preventative care will also require cleaning out the pool’s strainer baskets. Each week, remove the strainer baskets that are found on or near the pool’s deck. Dispose of any debris that has trapped inside the baskets. Rinse with pool water before reinstalling.

Check and Maintain Water Quality

Evaporation and the overall use of your pool will decrease your pool’s water level. While using your skimmer to clean the pool, pay attention to the water level. If the water is below the level of your skimmer, you need to add more water to the pool. A decreased amount of water is not only unpleasant but it can also damage your pool’s pump. Use your garden hose to fill the pool water to the recommended amount.

You should also check the water’s quality to ensure it has a sufficient amount of chlorine. Too much chlorine will irritate your skin and eyes while also causing breathing problems. However, if your pool does not have enough chlorine, there will be an increased risk of bacteria and algae growth.

Use a pool test kit to test the PH levels of your water. Make sure the PH level is between 7.2 and 7.6. This ensures the water is at a safe level. If your PH levels fall outside of these levels, consult a pool maintenance company to balance out your water quality.

Inspect for Cracks and Leaks

The water level of your pool may be low due to hidden leaks, so consider inspecting your pool’s interior and the surface around your pool for cracks.

To check for leaks easily, pour water into a bucket a little over halfway to the top. Mark the water line inside the bucket using a permanent marker. Place the bucket into the pool and mark the water line on the outside of the bucket using the marker. Allow the bucket to float in the pool water for a couple of days. If the water in the pool has decreased below the water inside the bucket, you have a hidden leak that needs to be addressed immediately.

Since your pool was a large expense, maintenance is imperative. For an experienced pool maintenance company in the Frisco area, contact Allied Aquatics Pool Service & Repair at 972-439-9034.

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