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Frisco Pool Maintenance 101: Easy Tips for a Clean Pool

For better pool maintenance 101 Frisco TX, learn to follow a few easy tips between visits by your pool cleaning service. By using a few tools, you can keep your pool free of debris, maintain water pH level, and make sure the water pump is working at maximum strength.

Pool Maintenance 101 Frisco: Basic Pool Cleaning

Keep your pool tidy by using a skimmer (a long-handled net) to remove leaves, insects, and other debris. Clean your skimmer and pump basket to avoid stress on the pump. If the pump basket is filled with leaves or other debris, the pump will have to work harder to keep the pool clean. Empty pump baskets once a week to prolong chlorine and keep the pump working efficiently

Vacuum the pool once a week to reduce chemical use and keep the pool clean. Robotic pool vacuums save you time and energy, but they are more expensive than manual vacuums. Always check the vacuum filter before each use and empty it.

Brush walls and tiles to prevent algae growth. Use a stiff brush to clean plaster walls or a soft brush for tile, fiberglass or vinyl pool walls.

Pool Maintenance 101 Frisco: pH Level and Calcium Hardness

Water balance, or pH, is important to avoid discomfort to swimmers’ skin and eyes. A balanced pH is neither too acidic nor too alkaline. Use a pH test kit to measure your pool water. A proper pH balance is between 7.4 and 7.6. If your pool has a high (or alkaline) pH level, it will cancel out any chlorine you use. If the pool has a low pH level, chlorine dissolves easily.

You’ll also need to ensure pool water has the right amount of calcium. If water is cloudy, it probably has too much calcium, which can erode plaster. Ideally, your pool water should measure 300 ppm (parts per million), and any inclusive pool water test kit will let you check for calcium hardness.

Use stabilizer with chorine to protect it from the effects of sunlight. If your pool has a low stabilizer level, you’ll use more chlorine. A high stabilizer level may mean you’ll need to dilute your pool water to balance it.

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