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Pool Maintenance 101 Frisco: Salt Water Pool Basics

As a pool owner, the first thing you learn when it comes to pool maintenance 101 Frisco is the importance of maintaining chlorine levels in your pool.  In a typical home swimming pool, chlorine is what stands between you and bacteria, like E.coli, and parasites, like Cryptosporidium, that can populate the water in a swimming pool.  Unfortunately, chlorine has some harmful side effects in humans if the levels in the water are too high.  For that reason, many homeowners are turning to salt water swimming pools.

Pool Maintenance Company Frisco: How A Salt Water Pool Works

Though chlorine has negative side effects like damaging hair and skin and irritating eyes, it’s still the best way to remove bacteria and algae from a swimming pool.  Salt water pools still use chlorine but in much lower concentrations, using a salt chlorine generator system that eliminates most of the negative side effects associated with chlorine.  When pool salt, NaCl, is dissolved in pool water, a salt chlorine generator system electrolyzes the salt and turns the chloride (Cl) part into chlorine.  The system generates “free” chlorine that destroys the chloramine found in traditionally-chlorinated pools that is responsible for chlorine odor, red/irritated eyes, bleached/green hair and damage to bathing suit fabric.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Frisco: The Benefits Of Salt Water Pools

The cost of setting up a salt water pool is less than setting up a traditional pool and, over time, you will save a substantial amount of money on chemicals; however, salt water can damage wood decking, metal pool parts, and even the salt chlorine generator cell.  Replacing these items every few years can amount to quite a bit of money.  As far as the health effects of salt water pools, many people believe that the natural chlorination process used to keep them clean is less harmful to humans because it exposes them to fewer toxins in the water.  In addition, most people enjoy the feeling of swimming in a salt water pool more than in a traditional pool because the water feels softer and makes hair and skin feel better after swimming.

Pool Maintenance 101 Frisco: Taking Care Of Your Salt Water Pool

If you decide to install a salt water pool, you should know that though they are generally lower-maintenance than traditional pools, it’s still best for you to hire a pool company to handle your pool service.  The salinity of the water must be checked periodically to ensure that there is enough salt in the water to kill bacteria but not so much that the pool hardware is damaged.  Other tests that your pool maintenance company must carry out at regular intervals include checking pH levels, free available chlorine levels, total alkalinity, stabilizer levels, calcium levels and the level of total dissolved solids.  Additionally, you should have your salt chlorine generator system cleaned once a year.

No matter which type of pool you decide to install, it pays to learn a little about pool maintenance 101 Frisco so that you can understand what your pool maintenance company has to do to keep your pool sparkling clean and safe.  For the best pool maintenance in North Texas, call us at Allied Aquatics Pool Service & Repair at (972) 439-9034 or visit us online at www.alliedaquatics.com.