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Winterize Your Swimming Pool with a Pool Maintenance Company

Changing filters and scooping debris from the water will keep your swimming pool clean and healthy, but hiring a pool maintenance company to prepare your pool for the winter season is also essential. Unfortunately, you may not understand how the freezing temperatures and wintry precipitation can affect the look and feel of your pool. Understand exactly how professionals will prepare your swimming pool for the upcoming winter season.

Cleaning and Shocking the Pool

Debris that sits and floats in your pool water for long periods of time will become stagnant and moldy, increasing the risk of algae growth. Before you close your swimming pool for the winter, your pool maintenance company will remove any trash, leaves, grass, pine straw and other debris from the water. We offer complete pool service.

Balancing the chemicals in your swimming pool’s water should be done about a week before the season closing.  After adding the granular chlorine to balance out the pool’s pH levels, cover it for the rest of the winter season.

Known as shocking the pool, adding the chlorine a week before closing will reduce the risk of the chemical damage to the cover through the winter season.

Lowering the Pool Water

Winterizing your pool should also involve lowering the water level. The actual measurement of your water level will depend on the type of pool cover you are using.

If you are using a mesh pool cover, make sure the water level is between 8 and 12 inches below the tile. For solid pool covers, lower the pool water 3 to 5 inches below the tile.

Adding Winterizing Chemicals

Once the water is at a lower level, the pool maintenance company will add a few cleaning agents to the pool.  A decreased amount of water will allow the cleaning chemicals to work more efficiently and effectively.

Algaecide, scale removers, and various swimming pool enzymes are all added to protect the health of the water over the winter months.

Your pool technician should also rinse or replace filters during this time.

Blowing the Lines

You may be capable of cleaning your inground swimming pool and adding various cleaning agents to the water. However, most homeowners do not have the experience necessary to force out water in the plumbing lines. Using a shop vacuum to blow out lines will prevent any remaining water from freezing and cracking your plumbing pipes.

Covering the Pool

Once the inground swimming pool is clean and conditioned and the plumbing lines and equipment are free of any leftover water, your technician will cover the pool.

The cover should be secured around your pool, ensuring no children, pets, or wildlife is able to get into the water. In addition, the cover should protect the water and equipment from any debris and other environmental elements.

To learn how a swimming pool maintenance company can winterize your pool, contact Allied Aquatics Pool Service & Repair in Allen at 972-439-9034.

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