End of Summer Basic Pool Maintenance 101 and Cleaning Tips

The summer months are a wonderful time to enjoy the cooling benefits of your swimming pool and to create long lasting memories with family members and friends. When the cool breezes of autumn come wafting along, you’ll need to start getting your pool ready for the winter months. It’s vital to thoroughly clean and maintain your pool in autumn to ensure that you will be able to enjoy it when the next summer months roll around. The following tips will help you properly clean and maintain your pool as autumn draws near.

Use the Correct Equipment

Be sure to use the proper equipment when you are cleaning your pool, particularly when it comes to chemicals. Always wear protective eyewear and gloves to prevent fumes from irritating your eyes and skin. Consider wearing a respirator mask to protect yourself from the dangerous fumes of the harsh cleaning chemicals.

Balance the Water

Adjust the levels in the water to create the proper amount of alkalinity, calcium, hardness and pH. This will reduce the chances of scales developing and corrosion building up on metallic materials.

Shock the Water

Shock the pool water with the correct amount of chlorine in order to destroy microorganisms that may be growing. Once the shock treatment is complete, do not allow anyone into the pool for about a week, including pets. The shock treatment is extremely strong and could irritate the skin, eyes and mucous membranes.

Clean the Entire Pool

Use a pool water skimmer to remove any debris floating on the water, and a vacuum and brush to clean the sides and bottom of your pool. Be sure that the vacuum is completely underwater during the entire process in order to remove all of the dirt and particles in the pool. It is also important to backwash the filtration system more than once.

Lower the Water Level

Before you close your pool for the rest of the year, lower the level of water to an amount that enables you to install the necessary cover. Properly cover your pool and put all of your pool equipment into a clean and dry storage area to protect them from the elements until the next swimming season.

If these jobs seem a bit overwhelming to you, call the professionals at Allied Aquatics Pool Service and Repair to do the work for you. Call 972-439-9034 for all of your swimming pool cleaning and maintenance needs.

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