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Weekly Pool Maintenance Frisco: The Best Options in Vacuum Cleaners

Pool owners recognize that the hot days of summer bring with them weekly pool maintenance Frisco. No one wants their first swim to be in a filthy pool. Make sure you’re prepared by ensuring that you have the best swimming pool vacuum cleaner for your system.

Be sure to research all your options before you dive in. Pool vacuum cleaners spend a great deal of time sitting in the heat of the sun or immersed in chlorinated water. Less expensive vacuuming devices might not be able to withstand all of that exposure to heat and chemicals. Check with your local pool service provider on the best vacuum for your situation.

There are three different types of swimming pool vacuum cleaners on the market: pressure, robotic and suction.

Pressure cleaners generally offer more power than suction devices. Many of them are available with a booster pump feature that will require a secondary hose connection in the wall of your pool. Installing the connection can be costly so it might be better to choose a different model if your pool doesn’t already have the necessary access point. Pressure vacuum cleaners that link directly to your pump can also add extra strain on your filtering system.

Pressure cleaner advantages:

  • They can get into tight areas.
  • The can collect a wide range of items from sand to leaves.
  • They get the job done faster than suction devices.

Pressure cleaner disadvantages:

  • They tend to cost more than suction vacuum cleaners.
  • They typically require more maintenance to keep them at optimal operating levels.

Suction pool vacuum cleaners are attached to your skimmer box through a hose. The suction from the filtration system enables these devices to remove grime and debris. This type of cleaner is available in two types of models. The first type cleans the pool in a random pattern and is controlled by inertia. Inertia cleaners are able to reach every part of a pool but they do take a long time to complete the job. They are great for pools with rounded walls and corners. The second type is a geared cleaner which moves in a particular pattern. Geared cleaners are able to fit into tight areas and are able to clean the entire pool in a shorter amount of time. They are perfect for smaller pools that have sharp corners and steps.

Suction cleaner advantages

  • These cleaners are generally less expensive than the other types of pool vacuums.
  • They require little effort to install.

Suction cleaner disadvantages

  • The geared cleaners have more moving parts and require more maintenance to keep them working well.

Robotic pool cleaners vacuum debris through the use of electricity. In order to use these cleaners, you’ll need an electric outlet near your pool. If you don’t already have one, the cost of installation might make this option less favorable for your weekly pool maintenance Frisco plan.

Robotic cleaner advantages:

  • These vacuum cleaners are most effective in larger pools.
  • They are quite easy to use.

Robotic cleaner disadvantages:

  • These vacuums are the most expensive of all the swimming pool vacuum cleaner options.
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