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5 Misconceptions About Frisco / McKinney TX Salt Pools

  1. Salt Pools do not need maintenance. Sorry you will still have to do maintenance on your pool.
  2. Salt pools do not use chlorine. Salt Pools generates chlorine from salt. A salt pool has chlorine in it. You just do not have to add chlorine to it.
  3. Salt Pools are foolproof. Salt can be disruptive to the pool area, think of how salt treats your car during the winter.
  4. Salt pools do not need water balancing. ECG’s only make chlorine, they do nothing for the other balance requirements (calcium hardness, cyanuric acid/stabilizer level, total alkalinity). Nor do they provide an algaecide or scale inhibitor.
  5. Salt Pools provide a ‘Set it and Forget it’ pool. Even though ECG’s create chlorine, they do it only at a steady pace, when there is rain or environmental issues (pollution, wind, pollen season, etc.) or when there is a high bather load (more swimmers than normal), salt pools need to be boosted or shocked to maintain sanitized water, even needing the addition of store bought chlorine, depending on the need. Let us be your Frisco / McKinney Pool Service!