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Perfect Your Pool With The Help of a McKinney Pool Remodeling Service

The benefits of having a pool are easy to see, but you may not be familiar with how a pool remodeling service can maintain the appeal and function of your backyard oasis. If you are part of the many homeowners who are able to enjoy a backyard pool, consider hiring the professionals to update your pool with one or all of these unique ideas.

Tile for Color

To increase the appeal and value of your pool while restoring any cracked or damaged concrete or tile, consider installing new, colorful tiles in and around your pool.

Accent tiles in the center of your pool’s floor will add a unique feature to your outdoor living area. Or, install colorful tiles on the concrete surrounding the pool. These colorful tiles will give your pool definition in your backyard space.

Over time, the tile at your pool’s water line may discolor, stain, or fade. If you do not want to install tile on a large area of your pool, consider replacing the outdoor tile on water line of your pool. Use glass tiles in green or blue, since they reflect light from the water in an attractive manner.

Add Some Salt

Keeping your pool clean can be challenging, which is why so many homeowners hire a pool service. However, continuously cleaning and adding chlorine to reduce the bacteria in your pool water can be stressful and time-consuming. Due to this constant maintenance, many home and business owners are using salt-generated chlorine.

Adding salt-generated chlorine to your pool will rid the water of bacteria without the use of toxic gasses and unappealing odors. Switching from the traditional chlorine to salt-generated chlorine ensures your family will be able to enjoy the pool in a safer, non-toxic manner.

Water Features

A pool remodeling service can also enhance your pool by installing unique water features in and around your pool. Create a tropical oasis by equipping your pool with a waterfall that flows into the pool from decorative rocks.

To add a modern element to your pool, add a stone wall with rain curtain. A curtain of pool water will rain down from the wall and into your pool. For a dramatic effect at night, add LED lighting to the stone wall. As the water rains down from the wall, the water will be illuminated.

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