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5 Updates Your McKinney Swimming Pool Remodeling Company Can Implement Now

Late winter / early spring are great months to hire a pool remodeling service in Frisco / McKinney. Not only are swimming pool companies less busy during this time of year, but you may also find better pricing on swimming pool remodeling service for Frisco & McKinney homeowners. If you have been putting off any Pool service or pool repairs or considering any upgrades, Late winter / early spring are actually the best times of year to tackle larger pool project. Here are three repairs or upgrades you should consider for your swimming pool during these off season months.

Pump and Filter Equipment Replacement

If you have been thinking of replacing your out of date or inefficient swimming pool pump or filter equipment, Late winter / early spring is a great time to have it repaired. Not only will you have time to really shop around and find the right equipment for you, but you won’t have to worry about any shipping or installation delays eating into your pool time.

Adding Tile or Stone Edging

Adding decorative tile or stone edging to your swimming pool can do wonders to update the look and feel of your swimming pool. However, draining the pool and possibly clearing out your landscaping may seem like too much to ask or deal with during the summer swimming season. With most landscaping going dormant or being replaced in the fall and winter, adding stone edging during this time of year is ideal. Plus, if you have to drain the swimming pool to add any decorative tile, no one will miss the water since swimming season will have been long over.

Installing a Deck

For similar reasons above, installing a wrap-around deck in the fall or winter is preferable to the summer. You’ll have a lot of people and equipment coming in and out of your yard and over your lawn and through your landscaping as a part of the installation process. A fall or winter remodel ensures that there will be less inconvenience and less impact.

A Word on Re-plastering in Fall or Winter

If you are thinking of tackling a re-plaster or resurfacing of your swimming pool in the fall or winter, be aware that the materials used in this process are temperature sensitive. Though we don’t see many super cold days in Texas, check with your pool remodeling service in Frisco or McKinney to see if they recommend waiting until closer to Spring to start the project.

Water Features

Like with other swimming pool remodel options, adding a water feature (like a waterfall) in the fall, winter or even early spring will add fun and value to your pool without actually taking away from your time using the swimming pool. This is also a great time because a water feature usually involves new landscaping, which you want to put in either in the fall (trees) or early spring (flower beds, etc).

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