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McKinney Pool Renovation Tips from A Pool Remodeling Service Company

Is your pool in need of remodeling service? Are you feeling a bit disappointed by its current condition in your backyard? Perhaps you bought a house that came with somebody else’s pool plans. Maybe you had your pool built quite a while back and it no longer meets current standards.

Regardless of your reasons, you might think that the costs of remodeling your pool will be too much for your budget. Thankfully, there are several changes you can make to create a sensational pool setting without breaking your bank account.

Here are a few pool remodeling service design additions to consider:


Technology for pools is constantly advancing and there are many new devices that can be retrofitted to work with older pools. These devices make maintaining a pool much simpler, saving you time and effort. Automation technology advances include automatic covers and robotic cleaners. Some versions of these devices can even be managed from your phone.

Deck and Concrete Resurfacing

You can quickly update your pool deck by having an acrylic coating installed over your concrete. The coating is available in a variety of color options. Not only does it look great, it contains small sand particles that make the deck surface less slippery.

LED Lighting

If your pool currently has a basic floodlight as its lighting feature, consider having some LED lights installed. This type of lighting uses less energy and creates a captivating oasis in your own backyard. These lights can be installed anywhere around your pool; even below the water line. Available in several different colors, LED lighting is a quick and easy way to add your own style to your pool ambiance.

Pool Resurfacing

Pool resurfacing or retiling will take a bigger bite out of your budget but the improvement to your pool’s appearance is worth the costs. Resurfacing a plaster finish with an updated aggregate coating will make your pool look newer and modern. The newest aggregate finishes come in many colors and are made from a variety of materials including shells and stones.

Water Features

While water features like sprayers and waterfalls will add a sense of tranquility to your backyard and can be easily added to existing pools. Installation fees are fairly reasonable, however, maintenance costs for electricity may lead to a small increase your monthly utility bills.

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