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Don’t Let the Chlorine Shortage Ruin Your Summer

Call us today to reserve your saltwater chlorine generator for as little as $1450.00*
*Pricing based upon water volume in pool.


With the installation of a Saltwater Chlorine Generator (SCG) you will never be without chlorine again! Keep your pool clean, sanitized, and ready for a swim all the time!

SCG units produce chlorine through electrolysis. As the water passes over the titanium blades in the catalytic cell, it turns ordinary table salt, Sodium Chloride, into Hypochlorous Acid, the bacteria and algae killing form of chlorine.



With the high cost of chlorine tablets and scarcity of the product don’t get stuck with an unusable green pool. Read the CNBC.com story about the nationwide chlorine shortage here:  https://www.cnbc.com/2021/04/30/a-major-chlorine-shortage-is-set-to-spoil-swimming-pool-fun-this-summer.html

Keep it clear this year and years to come with Saltwater Chlorine Generation!

For more information about our Commercial Salt Water Pool Maintenance Program and benefits, click here.