Pool Renovations

Swimming in Value: 3 Updates Offered by a Pool Remodeling Service

A backyard swimming pool is a great addition for your home, but hiring a pool remodeling service to complete updates on your pool can increase your home’s value and family’s enjoyment even further. Unfortunately, many homeowners forego making updates on their pool because they believe it cannot get any better. Here are some of the best updates for your pool to improve its function and provide a great return on your investment.


You most likely have lights on the exterior of your home already, but incorporating LED lighting into your pool’s design will increase appeal and value without making a large investment.

Of course, many homeowners believe adding light fixtures outside your home will increase energy costs. While this is true in most cases, LED lighting offers a brighter light that uses less energy compared to traditional options.

LED lighting can be installed surrounding your pool for extra illumination at night when entertaining. Or, consider installing the lights below the water’s surface, which will create a glamorous look. Choose from a variety of light colors, as well, which will increase the appeal of your pool further.

Water Features

The addition of a water feature in your pool may seem pointless, but it can add a dramatic, valuable effect to your outdoor living space.

Consult your pool remodeling service about possible water features that would be suitable for your specific pool’s design. A waterfall in one corner, multiple scuppers that allow water to spout from different areas, or sprayer spouts are all excellent updates for your swimming pool.

These unique water features make your pool more attractive and add a calming effect to your outdoor space.

Solar Features

The addition of LED lighting is not the only upgrade that will make your pool more energy efficient. To make your pool more eco-friendly, consider installing a variable speed pump.

The pool pump is essential for circulating water to keep it clean and healthy, but it is also important for running decorative water features. Unfortunately, this pump uses a great deal of energy to run effectively. By replacing your old pump with a variable speed model, you can reduce the cost to circulate water by up to 90 percent.

Ensuring your pool water remains comfortable even in the cooler temperatures requires a good amount of energy, which can be costly. To conserve energy while maintaining the temperature of your pool, consider installing a heater that is powered by solar energy.

You may think updating your pool is excessive, but the above upgrades will offer you a high return on your investment. To learn more about updating your pool, contact the pool remodeling service of Allied Aquatics Pool Service & Repair in the Frisco-McKinney area at 972-439-9034.

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